Our Mission

  • We wish to support local business, sporting teams and charities and hope for the support of locals ourselves.
  • We wish to provide storage solutions for those between homes, retirees with no fixed address thanks to the trip of a lifetime.
  • We wish to provide cost effective storage in highly condensed areas for the benefit of small shops who can’t fit all their stock in there premises at a cheaper square meterage rate, free up some space for small businesses in the area.
  • Provide storage for those in local high-rises so they can carry the same load of toys as this families in the burbs.
  • We would like local home based entrepreneurs that are looking for a storage location to free up the house.
  • We are looking to make Gold Coast marriages stronger by freeing up garage space as we all know happy wives equal happy lives.
  • We would like you to be able to keep every fishing rod and surf board you have ever owned.
  • Get together with some friends and hire a container between you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big are your containers? 33 Cubic Meters. The internal dimensions are 6m x 2.4m x 2.4. As a reference a standard double garage is 6m x 6m
  2. Do you have a minimum notice period when I vacate? No
  3. Do you require a bond? Yes, we requite a bond equivalent to 1 months rental
  4. Do you have a minimum hire period? Yes, 1 month
  5. Do you match prices and special offers? NO WE BEAT THEM ON EQUIVALENT HIRES
  6. Do you accept weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments? Yes we do in advance
  7. How can I pay? We accept credit cards to initiate the hire but ask you to set up a periodical payment from there on.
  8. What can I fit in a container? The contents on a 3 or 4 bedroom house.
  9. Are my goods insured? You are required to set up contents insurance like you would in a rental property.

Businesses and Charities

Storage solutions for local business, sporting teams and charities and hope for the support of locals ourselves


Storage solutions for retirees with no fixed address thanks to the trip of a life time

People who live in High Rises

Storage solutions for storage for those living in local high-rises


Storage solutions for those between homes and those growing out of their homes


Storage solutions for Gold Coast couples by marriages stronger by freeing up garage space.  Happy wife equals happy live

Vehicle Storage

Coming soon

Meet the Team

Gold Coast local business father and son Phil and James Hine have been operating Gold Cost small businesses and supporting Gold Coast locals since 1986.
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